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Just one year ago, the George Community Hall Board of Directors received the not-very-good news that the roof of our 53-year-old building was failing.  Of the five trusses, three had broken, and two of those trusses had failed BADLY.


Realistically, that roof met 1964 engineering requirements, but it certainly had not been engineered to 2018 specifications.  We are grateful that it has lasted this long.  But now, engineers at Gray & Osborne, Inc. have informed us that the roof of our building must be removed entirely, and the top course of bricks of the walls re-structured to ensure that the building will be stable enough to support the weight of a new roof.  Their estimate, which includes demolition, re-design and reconstruction plus the ability to pay prevailing wage, comes to a budget-busting $250,000.


In the meantime, the appropriate emergency support poles have been erected and they provide adequate support, for now.  However, the engineers have warned us to cancel events if we have a snow load or a high wind warning, which of course we will do.


We have been busy with our fund-raising to support the roof project as well as to sustain our other events and facility needs...and our community has responded in amazing ways!  Roof project donations have topped $55,000, which is more than we ever could have hoped!  We will be  requesting a budget appropriation from the Washington State Legislature, which will fund the rest of the project.  But due to the funding cycles of this particular grant, money for the project will be available in June of 2020 at the earliest - meaning that we have two winters to get through! 

We are doing all we can to make the George community a great place to live and visit - with your help, of course!  

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