A little stroll down memory lane...


Late in 2017, the bad news reached our ears: the roof of our facility was compromised and in imminent danger of truss failure.  The GCH Board of directors were troubled and just a little bit anxious about the future of the George Community Hall. 


That was then.  This is now!  


After fund-raising, grant-writing, dealing with the State of Washington, learning about Revenue Reimbursement Regulations, more fund-raising, processing bids, and then dealing with a pandemic that entirely shut us down for a time, we have come out on this end with a beautiful new roof atop our facility, and NO DEBT.  We are surely thankful to be on this end of things in 2022, and we are counting our blessings as well as the benefits to the city of George.  


We are confident that the George Community Hall can continue serving the folks of George, as well as the greater surrounding area with enjoyable family-friendly events and public and private celebrations for years to come.


Our friends and donors made the difference!  We are proud to remind everyone that COMMUNITY happens to be our middle name!  THANK YOU for participating with us, to keep our fun traditions and great music events alive in George, WA!  


May we count on you to continue to support us?


Your contributions are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE, since the George Community Hall is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  You can donate through PayPal on this page, or if you prefer, mail a check to George Community Hall, PO Box 5064, George, WA 98824.  You will receive a year-end receipt, with our thanks.  




Contributions to the George Community Hall are TAX- DEDUCTABLE

Built in 1964, this is how the GCH looked prior to 2009.

Checks may be mailed to:

George Community Hall 

PO Box 5064

George, WA 98824  

George Community Hall, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  Your contributions are TAX-DEDUCTABLE.