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We almost thought this wasn't going to happen.

When the George Community Hall's Board of Directors learned that the roof trusses in our 50+ year-old building had failed, we wondered HOW we were going to be able to raise the funds necessary to repair or rebuild the roof.  At first, contractors guesstimated that it was going to cost around $70,000. 

That sounded like a lot. 

Then an engineering firm did a more specific and detailed study and determined that the cost would be more like $250,000.  That'll make some board members swallow hard, we can tell you!  It was further decided that we would have to appeal to the Washington State Legislature for funding.  

Meanwhile, our supporting donors stepped forward with donations that enabled us to promise significant matching funds for the grant from the 2019 legislative budget.  While we were told early on that things looked promising, recent news of the legislature's budget negotiations sounded grim indeed.  We were almost ready to expect the worst...when the best news came:  OUR ROOF PROJECT IS FUNDED!!  

We don't yet know when the demolition and re-construction will occur.  But we are profoundly grateful to all who have been pulling for us along the way:  our donors who support our efforts to keeping the fun traditions, events and activities alive in George, WA, AND the Washington State legislators who took the time to consider our request, particularly State Senator Judy Warnick and Representative Alex Ybarra; and to all who went the extra mile and wrote letters of support for the project.  THANK YOU, to all of you!

As a result, we can look forward to many more years of usefulness of our facility to the George, WA community.


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