Invitation to support the George Community Hall

When the George Community Hall was built back in 1964, it was built on land that had been donated by town founder, Charlie Brown.  It was built with donated materials and donated equipment by area farmers who were donating their time and efforts to create a place that could be enjoyed by the George Community, and would strengthen community ties for years to come.  

What those farmers didn't know,

was how to properly engineer a roof to 2018 standards.  They could not have anticipated that 60 years later, the GCH roof would be on the verge of collapse, with badly cracked and failing trusses and rafters that had been spaced just a little too far apart back in 1964.


This unpleasant news was received in late 2017 by the GCH Board of Directors, when it was realized that the upstairs concert room ceiling had actually DROPPED 9 inches!  Emergency support poles have been put into place, averting disaster for now...but the entire roof will have to be replaced during the summer of 2018.  This will include the removal and replacement of all trusses, rafters, and even the ceiling of the upstairs concert room.  The initial estimate by WM Construction of Quincy received by the Board of Directors, comes to a whopping $72,000.  Insurance will not pay for this massive project, because it is due to aging, not an accident or natural disaster.


So, now what?  We are a little community center in a very small town, whose median household income sits right at $25,500 per year.  The Hall is not bankrolled by large corporate sponsors and we don't generally receive endowment funds.  We need your help.


And, you see, we have a limited time frame in which to do this project:  demolition of the old, broken roof must begin as soon as we have hosted our 61st July 4 in George, WA Celebration...AND it needs to be complete by the time our 12th Annual George Washington Bluegrass Festival begins on September 10, 2018.


If you have enjoyed and benefitted from the events, celebrations and festivals at the George Community Hall, and have appreciated the efforts of the George Community Hall board of directors and the Georgettes, please consider donating as soon and as generously as possible.  Thank You!

You may contact us at:

George Community Hall, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.  Your contributions are TAX-DEDUCTABLE.