About Us

The George Community Hall is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and it exists for the benefit and enjoyment of George, WA residents and the Quincy Valley at large. Its purpose and function is to provide a place where community events and social gatherings can comfortably occur, and the facility is available for private rentals. The GCH is overseen by a non-salaried Board of Directors, who also function as volunteer event directors on behalf of the City of George for the grand July 4 Celebration, CoffeeHouse Concert series and Annual Bluegrass Festival.

The overarching mission of the George Community Hall is to educate residents and visitors alike in the fine art of cultural participation, not only in the broad sense as Americans, but more specifically, as those who identify themselves with the inclusive, rural-agricultural, ethnically diverse economy here in Central Washington State. It is our intention to encourage everyone in our area to be active, positive participants in all aspects of the life of this community.

We are operating with the recognition that interdependent human flourishing does not happen in a vacuum; nor does it happen by accident or artificial contrivance. The flourishing and growth of human beings most readily happens in the context of community.

Consequently, our organization places a very high value on volunteerism, and on the promotion and encouragement of creative cultural enrichment; we aim for the outcome of a tangible sense of continuity of traditional small-town community life. We are happy when we hear residents say, "I like this town!" and when young people who have grown up here, return to enjoy our events and activities.

Our motto - "If you believe that something is impossible, please do not interfere with those who are doing it!"

The George Community Hall is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization; the facility is currently unavailable for private rentals. 

The current Board of Directors of the George Community Hall includes:


Aaron Harwood, City of George liason


Courtney Felder, CoffeeHouse Kitchen Manager, 

Georgettes Treasurer


Lynn Felder, CoffeeHouse Kitchen Manager, 

Georgettes member


Rita Keene, Board President, Georgettes

member, July 4  Pie Chairman

Jeannie Kiehn, July 4 Parade Director;

Georgettes member

Debby Kooy, Board Secretary, Grant Writer,

Rentals Manager and Events Director;

Georgettes member

Elliot Kooy, Board Treasurer and

Cherry Bomb Run Director

Marylou Krautscheid, Board Vice-President; George Beautification Director; Georgettes Vice President


Julie Putnam, Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce



David Putnam